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Chill at 60

I really dig cool people. I think that most people do. Amidst the noise and rush of our daily lives, its always heartening to connect with someone who makes you forget about cell phones, grocery shopping (although I kind of like grocery shopping), traffic, TV ads, etc. There really are a lot of great people out there, and recently I was invited to perform a birthday house party for someone who fits the bill.

Tony and his wife, Sue, have been coming out to see me play for quite some time now. When I see them at one of my regular haunts, they are quick with a smile, appreciative of the original music, and generous around the tip jar. When I went to their home to help celebrate Tony's 60th birthday, I had the pleasure of seeing a whole different, and equally amazing, side of them. I met their adult children, I was treated to some of Tony's favorite whiskey (what was that brand again???), and after the crowd dwindled, a few folks remained and allowed me to share some stories, some songs, and some memories.

It's really fun to play big stages now and again. The lights, the crowds, the thrill. But, I must say that nothing compares to the joy and the privilege of playing for a few warm, generous people. Its nice to slow down and connect on a genuinely human level. At Tony's party, it wasn't about me or the was about a community of people brought together by 60 years of legacy.

Bravo, Tony...Happy Birthday.

Sue, Me, and Tony

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