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3, 2, 1...Blog

So I'm not just a songwriter, I also have a day job. I teach entrepreneurship in the business school at Saint Louis University. It's funny to teach students how to run a business when one of the primary sources of revenue in my own venture has always involved a tip jar fashioned from an old Quaker State oil can.

I recently asked a marketing professor friend of mine for his take on how songwriters can be better at business; how can they get noticed, sell more records, improve their following. Without hesitation, he said, "tell stories." When I asked him how to do this, he said "start a blog."

I immediately loved the idea, and that's why I'm here launching my first and only blog. Because I think I have some stories to tell. Stories that define the dozens and dozens of songs that I have written. Stories behind the people, places, and events that have inspired me. And other peoples' stories that have made me feel connected, caused me to lose my breath, and forced me to take pause.

Welcome to my little on-line corner of the universe. I'm going to tell a few stories. I hope you will too.

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